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Unique duplex for 8 people in the center of Marais, the 3rd arrondissement of Paris

Paris, 3rd
4 rooms96 m²

Apartment Le Turenne


• A duplex of over 1000 sq ft (96 m2), 2 bedrooms: one with 2 twin beds, the other with a full-sized bed to sleep 2 and 2 additional mattresses, a shower, and a half-bathroom.
• Each room invites the discovery of a world inspired by typical Parisian bistros.
• Located on the ground floor through a plant-lined courtyard in a beautiful, antique building
• Ideally situated on rue de Saintone in the 3rd district, the center of historic Marais


With a unique and vintage allure, this magnificent duplex offers a nostalgic yet elegant abode in the center of the most sought-after quarter, Marais. Situated on the rez-de-chaussée (ground floor) through the plant-lined courtyard of an antique building, discover this renovated former-boutique as a genuine place to live. It is located on Rue de Saintonge of the 3rd arrondissement (district) and ideally placed between Rue de Poitou and Rue de Bretagne.

Rooms' description

Featuring an area of over 1,000 square feet, Le Turenne hovers delicately between modernity and nostalgia with a beautiful cut-stone wall and milieu of contemporary art, such as ornate sculpture, decorating the living room. Also containing a convertible sofa, the living room leads to a fully-equipped kitchen for you to cook at home and an adjoining dining area to enjoy your meal on retro pub-style chairs. A small wooden staircase in the kitchen brings you to the 2nd floor where you will enter the first bedroom composed of two twin beds, a flat screen television, and unlimited Internet access. The second bedroom, which has the full-sized bed, reveals a number of storage spaces and offers two extra beds, in the form of mattresses, for additional guests. With a total capacity of 6 to 8 persons, the tenants of this apartment also have at their disposal a bathroom with a shower and separate half-bathroom with a toilet and sink.

The district

Explore the historic district of Marais, recognized to be the former residence of Parisian nobility who established a number of individual hotels in the 17th century, including the famous Place des Vosges. Furthermore, the beauty of Marais will not disappoint. Artists, designers, and lovers of art: prepare to be seduced by the multitude of tourist attractions. Between Centre Beaubourg, a palace of modern art; the grand church, l’Eglise de Blancs Manteaux; Rue des Rosiers, the standard for Jewish culture; Rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie, known not only for its vintage clothing stores, but also for typical Parisian symbols, such as the sisters Maje and Sandro; and Place du Châtelet and its two theaters, this is definitely a Parisian destination not to be missed. Not commonly traversed by car, Marais has the privilege of being a well-served quarter of the city with public transportation accessible by foot from the apartment (metro station Filles du Calvaire on line 8).

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Issued on 12/02/2013 in Paris
Garantee GALIAN
NAF 6831Z
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14 rue Falguière
75015 Paris, France